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"ENSHINE" is a name synonymous with most beautiful and enchanting designs with quality, As Enshine Jewels, we are leading manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of exquisite diamond jewellery. Enshine Jewels was established in the year 2011.

The Company has secured an excellent loyalty in Indian as well as overseas market as one of the leading designer and Manufacturer of diamond jewellery.Enshine Jewels is known for its exclusive designs, Excellent craftsmanship, quality diamonds & Customer oriented systems.

As a manufacturer, Enshine Jewels has a monopoly of setting diamonds on high-end branded steel items like Mobiles, watches and accessories. Through these, it has set a new benchmark in the jewellery industry.

Enshine Jewels was founded on a quest to open up a brand new market, believing that buying jewelry needs to be taken beyond the traditional stereotypes. It’s all part of a fresh, new approach, Enshine Jewels has been building a new tradition of creating fine diamond jewelry with a distinctive flair.

Since that jewelry should be created to capture their one-of-a-kind story and be meaningful to its bearer or could be a means to carry a message as a gift is Enshine jewels’s motto, we pride ourselves on our attention to details and cherish the shopping experience to the B2B customers with ever-increasing product profile.

Here at Enshine, we believe to produce high quality crafted studded diamond jewellery with unique design standards, Enshine adopts a vision to become the leading brand in the industry with “state-of-an-art” and complete in-house production.

Ability of Enshine Jewels to deliver high-quality, tailored made and customized products with a dedicated and personalized service shows that at Enshine, we are built differently. To bring the stories to life, Enshine Jewels expertise is founded on a strong focus on innovation and is strengthened by advanced technology, technical support and professional knowledge.

Each customer’s fantasy is combined by Enshine team’s professionalism. Day by day, Eshine enhances the ability to meet the specific needs of all jewellery lovers with shorter delivery times and faster product development.